We recently represented a client whose hospital neglected to follow up on his annual blood test, crucial for monitoring the status of his thyroid cancer. Unfortunately, the test results were either missed or lost, and our client was never notified, allowing his cancer to progress unnoticed over a two-year period.

The vigilance and follow-up of cancer patient care are paramount, enabling the early identification and intervention in case of redevelopment or deterioration. A delay in initiating treatment can lead to the spread of cancer, impacting treatment options and life expectancy.

To build our case, we obtained expert evidence illustrating how the failure to monitor our client’s test results resulted in a shortened life expectancy and a worsened outcome. We pursued a claim for additional care costs, incorporating financial losses into the compensation claim.

We were delighted to help this family at a very difficult time in their lives and to provide them with the compensation for the loss they had suffered.

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