Understanding the Impact: Bladder Injury Following a C-Section

At McElhinney & Associates Solicitors, we recently handled a poignant case involving a client who suffered a severe bladder injury following a C-section due to medical negligence. This unfortunate incident resulted in a loss of bladder function, incontinence, and the potential need for future catheterization. The physical and psychological challenges faced by our client were thoroughly explored and presented to the Court.

The Consequences on Career and Finances

The profound impact of these injuries extended beyond physical suffering. Our client faced limitations in her chosen career, leading to a loss of income and financial strain. Her claim sought compensation for pain and suffering, as well as reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses incurred to date and anticipated in the future.

Understanding the Risks and Importance of Timely Intervention

Bladder injuries can occur during various surgical procedures, with abdominal and pelvic surgeries, such as hysterectomies or C-sections, posing a particular risk due to the proximity of the bladder to the operation site. Incorrect catheter insertion techniques also pose significant risks.

Immediate identification and prompt repair of bladder injuries during surgical procedures are crucial. Failure to diagnose or delays in repairing such damage can result in substantial permanent harm to the patient.

Long-Term Implications and the Role of Medical Negligence Claims

The loss of bladder function can have enduring consequences for plaintiffs, impacting their mental, sexual, and physical health, often requiring additional care costs throughout their lifetime. Pursuing a medical negligence claim in such cases is intricate and demands expertise. Our dedicated medical negligence team at McElhinney & Associates Solicitors boasts a successful history of actions brought before the High Court.

Seeking Legal Assistance

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