Buying a new property can be so much easier with our conveyancing services in Donegal.

The purchase of your new home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever take and, our team will make sure the transaction is treated with the efficiency, expertise and professionalism you know it deserves.

We provide a full suite of legal services to ensure your property transaction moves along smoothly whether you are buying or selling your domestic or commercial property. Our team will help you sidestep avoidable delays for a prompt property handover.

Our experts will take you through the process step-by-step to minimise any stress over your big move.

We meticulously investigate title and identify any deficiencies or discrepancies that need to be resolved prior to any transactions to ensure your investment is fully protected.

Our commitment to you is that we will oversee the transaction in a manner that best serves your interests. We will provide the best possible advice to protect and uphold your legal interests during the transaction.

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Property Solicitors in Donegal
Property Solicitor Donegal
Property Solicitor Donegal

What Is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing is technical sequence of events which make up the legal transfer of ownership of an immovable property.

It is a process which can hold up your purchase or sale, so it is important to get the right legal advice and engage a property solicitor to combat avoidable delays.

Conveyancing Generally Takes Place In Five Stages

Our Legal Services For Property Transactions Include:

Purchase and sale of residential property

Purchase and sale of commercial property

Mortgage and remortgage

Advising on co-ownership

Voluntary transfers of property (gifts)

Leases and alternative letting arrangements

Advice on stamp duty

Your Questions On Conveyancing Answered

Time taken to complete a conveyancing transaction in Donegal can vary greatly due to the circumstances. Given that there are no complications, the average transaction takes around 8 weeks from the day you agree the sale with the vendor or estate agent.

There is a potential for things to go wrong in conveyancing meaning you will need expert legal advice to avoid potentially disastrous and costly consequences.

You will need to appoint a solicitor when you have made an offer on a property in order to get the process started as soon as possible for a swift and successful transaction.

Conveyancing generally takes place in five stages
• Pre-contract
• Contract
• Post-contract/pre-closing
• Closing/completion
• Post-closing/completion.

Conveyancing can be complex and complicated, especially if you are not experienced in it.
It’s important to engage a property law solicitor to ensure the many things that can go wrong do not go wrong. When buying a property, these can include inability to source finance, breach of settlement obligations as a result of the bank fund not being made available on time, deterioration of the property since signing of contract. When selling a property, these can include: the purchaser being unable to pay deposit on time, the purchaser being unable to settle on time, the purchaser refusing to settle, your bank being unable to discharge your existing mortgage if you have one.

What Our Clients Say

“Jolene and her team were fantastic in helping to arrange the purchase of my first home- there were several tricky legal issues to deal with as it was a receiver sale, but they were excellent in pushing things forward for me. Highly recommended.”

Christopher B