Workplace injury is a common occurrence in Ireland. You are entitled to make a claim for compensation for genuine injuries sustained in the workplace.

Injured employees are generally entitled to compensation for the injuries genuinely sustained in the course of their employment as a result of an unsafe work environment or unsafe work practices.

Regardless of job roles or employer types, when you are at work your employer has a legal duty of care to keep you safe from accident, injury or illness.

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What Is A Workplace Accident?

There are various types of workplace injuries, for example:

Machine related injury: Factory work and construction work often require the use of heavy equipment and machinery. Machine entanglement, involving either clothing, shoes, fingers or hair is a very common occurrence. Your employer is obliged to provide you with protective clothing and equipment and is obliged to undertake a risk assessment to evaluate the possibility and likelihood of injuries being sustained from the use of the machinery.

Repetitive strain injury: Repetitive strain injuries can be incurred through heavy lifting or constant use of a computer or machine. There have been many cases concerning the development of carpal tunnel syndrome and vision problems as well as back injuries from a repetitive motion. Again, an employer is obliged to provide you with the equipment together with the mode of safe operation so as to prevent an injury from occurring through this repetitive strain.

Slips, trips and falls: Slips, trips and falls often in the workplace. There is an obligation on the employer to ensure that the workplace is clear of all unnecessary objects, that the floor covering, and ground is stable and even, so as to prevent their employees from tripping or falling whilst in the course of their employment.

Your Questions On Accidents At Work Answered

Your first step following a workplace injury or accident is to seek medical advice by attending hospital or seeing your GP. It is often the case that apparently minor injuries turn out to be much worse than first thought. After seeing your doctor or a medical professional, it is important to notify your employer of the injury. It will be helpful if you take photographs of your injury and the accident site, note the exact circumstances of the accident when they are fresh in your memory, log the contact details of witnesses and ask them to note what they witnessed and provide you with details.

The worth of your workplace accident claim will be dependent upon the nature of your injury and the accident circumstances. Claims can include damages for lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering.

Time taken in settling a claim for an accident at work will be dependent on complexity of your case. Usually claims are settled within two years.

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