At McElhinney & Associates Solicitors, we recently represented a client who underwent a lumbar puncture due to suspected meningitis. The lumbar puncture was initially attempted by a junior doctor and in total four attempts were made at the lumbar puncture.

Our client suffered pain in his lower back and right leg following the lumbar puncture and we obtained expert evidence which confirmed that the radicular pain was evidence of the lumbar puncture needle advancing into the nerve route and other elements of the cauda equine or spinal cord. Persistent low back pain was as a consequence of the local trauma to the back through excessive flexion and/or needle trauma following the lumbar puncture. Our expert opined that the development of post-procedural pain was related to the poor techniques applied during the lumbar punctures.

The HSE defended the case in full and claimed that they had followed approved practices and procedures.

Faced with a full defense, the team at McElhinney & Associates Solicitors secured expert evidence from Orthopaedic Surgeons, Consultant Neuro-Anaesthetists, Consultant Neurophysiologists, Consultant Neuro-Radiologists, Consultant Neurologists, and Psychologists. Ultimately, following the disclosure of our medical reports, the Defendants settled the case with the Plaintiff for significant High Court compensation.

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