Most people are well aware of what to do if they are involved in an accident with another vehicle, but the situation changes if the vehicle doesn’t stop, or if you fail to get contact and insurance details, or if you are given false or misleading contact and insurance details, and so the question remains can you pursue compensation if the other party is unidentified and untraceable?

Clients often believe that if they are unable to locate the driver of a vehicle then they cannot make a claim for the injuries sustained by them. This is incorrect there are avenues available to make a claim, however, if you find yourself in this situation there are a number of things that you should do:

  1. Seek immediate medical assistance no matter how minor you feel your injuries are, you should always air on the side of caution and seek immediate medical assistance
  2. Report the incident to the Gardaí immediately and wait at the scene of the accident until the Gardaí arrive, obviously make sure that you remove yourself from any immediate danger, however, remain at the scene if at all possible
  3. Give the Gardaí as much information as possible including make, model, colour of vehicle etc. and take photographs of the scene of the accident if you can.

The Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) is a body that has been set up to compensate victims of accident caused by uninsured or unidentified vehicles or motorists. The MIBI is regulated by an agreement with the Minister for Transport. All insurance companies underwriting motor insurance in Ireland are members of the MIBI and contribute to funding the claims in proportion to their market share.

There are very strict conditions that a claimant must meet if they are pursing a claim through the MIBI against an untraced or unidentified driver and if you have been involved in such an accident then you should contact us at McElhinney & Associates, Drumboe Lodge, Stranorlar, Co. Donegal on 074 91 75989 or

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