Failure to diagnose appendicitis is very common, an appendicitis presentation does have similar symptoms as other minor conditions such as pain in the lower right abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Although, it has similar features to other minor conditions it is not acceptable that a health care provider fails to recognise and diagnose appendicitis.

Appendicitis attack can be an emergency that requires immediate surgery or can be chronic that can be treated with medication.

The problem arrives when appendicitis is left untreated and can cause a ruptured appendix when can result in the build up of toxic substances in the body, this can lead to peritonitis and sepsis.

It is in not uncommon when a patient presents with abdominal, pain, nausea and vomiting and fever, the healthcare provide can misdiagnose this appendicitis as kidney stones or colitis or a urinary tract infection.

The appropriate course of action is to conduct a physical examination to ascertain whether or not there is tenderness in the right iliac fossa there is where the appendix is located. Blood and urine samples are absolutely necessary.

The consequences of failing to diagnose appendicitis in a timely and accurate fashion can have devastating consequences. Infection can progress very rapidly leading to a rapid deterioration of the patient. If treatment is not administered the appendix will eventfully perforate or rupture leading to the lining of the abdomen becoming infected know as peritonitis and or sepsis. These conditions are extremely dangerous and can result in a fatal outcome.

Once appendicitis is diagnosed then emergency can and then should be performed to be remove the appendix and to wash out the infected puss from the abdomen cavity. However, if a patient presents in timely manner then the healthcare professional should not allow patient to deteriorate to such an extent that their appendix perforates.

If you were injured by a failure to diagnose appendicitis or if you lost a loved one due to the failure to diagnose appendicitis, it is advisable that you consultant with a skilled solicitor with experience in medical negligence cases about the viability of recovering compensation.

We at McElhinney & Associates Solicitors have experience in dealing with cases, involving in delay’s in diagnosis appendicitis whereby client’s suffered prolonged pain and suffering, prolonged period of hospitalisation, significant scaring following surgery and psychological injuries.

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