If you have been injured on your bike you should note that cyclists are subject to the same entitlements as pedestrians and other road users if they injured. We see many cases whereby cyclists are injured for example a passenger opening a door knocking a cyclist to the ground, cases whereby a driver is turning and not aware of a cyclist. We have also had cases where cyclists have been attacked by a dog.

In all of these cases the vehicle driver, vehicle owner and dog owner would be responsible for the injuries sustained by the cyclist.

Not only do cyclists have entitlements as road users however, they also have obligations, and cyclists must be particularly careful of pedestrians, and a cyclist who injuries a pedestrian would be liable for those injuries suffered by a pedestrian.

Cyclists should be aware that it is illegal to cycle on a footpath and they should only enter onto the footpath in order to access a driveway

Cyclists should also be aware that if they break a red light it is an offence

Currently there is no legal requirement that a cyclist must wear a helmet and hi-vis clothing, however, it is always advisable that cyclists would do so.

Similarly, there is no obligation on cyclists to make sure that their bike is in a roadworthy condition, bikes aren’t subject to NCT, however, it is prudent for every cyclists to keep their brakes, tyres, chain and lights in good condition.

Reflectors ARE a legally binding requirement and a working bell however, very often these are items which are overlooked by a cyclist, however they are absolutely required.

It is illegal to cycle or attempt to cycle a bike whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Cyclists should always take care on the roads and should be aware that a prosecution can be brought for dangerous cycling if the rules of the road are not adhered to by the cyclists.

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