Caesarean Section Medical Negligence Claims

Why We Are Best To Deal With These Claims

A Caesarean Section is a major surgery and like all surgery’s carries certain risks.

Certain Caesarean Section can be planned in advance however, in other instances during labour or delivery there may be a sudden change in the health of your baby which makes it too risky for a vaginal birth and your doctor might decide that a C-section is required as an emergency.

The known risk for Caesarean Section include:

Risks to the baby during Caesarean Section:

  • Surgical injury, although very uncommon it is possible for the baby’s skin to be accidentally nicked during the C-section surgery
  • Breathing difficulties. Babies who are born by a scheduled C-section are at a higher risk of developing transient tachypnea which is fast breathing during the babies first few days of life.

Risks to the mother during Caesarean Section:

  • There is a higher risk of developing an infection to the endometrium which is the lining of the uterus.
  • A C-section can increase your risk of developing deep vein thrombosis
  • A wound infection, infections can arise at the site of the incision
  • Damage to other organs such as the bladder
  • Heavy bleeding
  • An adverse reaction to anaesthesia
  • A C-section can damage your uterus which can in some circumstances make it more likely that you will have problems with future pregnancies.

The more C-sections that a mother has, there is an increased risk of placenta previa, whereby the placenta becomes attached to the wall of the uterus.

When do Caesarean Section result in medical negligence claims:

Very many medical negligence claims arises out of the failure of your doctor to offer you a Caesarean Section which can cause damage to both the mother and the baby.

Furthermore, in the provision of a Caesarean Section the amount of the anaesthetic administered or the lack thereof, can cause an injury to the mother which can include a psychological injury.

Caesarean section can cause damage to surrounding organs such as the bladder which can ultimately lead to an increase in urinary urgency and incontinence.

Post-operative bleeding:

Post-operative bleeding from unsecured vessels can occur as a complication following a C-section surgery. This can occur when the many blood vessels traversing the lower uterine segment is cut during the incision for the C-section. These must be secured prior to closing the abdomen following the delivery of the baby. If the blood vessels are not secured adequately this can lead to the requirement for further surgery by way of laparotomy and blood transfusion.

How can McElhinney and Associates Solicitors help Caesarean Section medical negligence case:

If you feel that you may have suffered an injury due to medical negligence following your recent C-section then you should contact us on 074 91 75989 or complete our online enquiry form. We are happy to discuss your case with you to review your medical records and to advise you on the options open to you to pursue a claim for compensation due to Caesarean Section medical negligence.